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Testing for Leaks Before the Rainy Season

If you suspect that there may be some damage or a potential leak on your Bay Area property you should have a professional firm perform a leak inspection before the rainy season. Sometimes you’re not aware of potential leaks until it’s too late. Willem & his team can help you with all of your leak inspection needs.

As Bay Area residents we have certainly been experiencing an increase in the amount of rain falling on our homes this year. Abundant rainfall can lead to many issues for home or business owners in the Bay Area, including leaks and damage to your home. If you own a home or business in the Bay Area and are struggling to handle the necessary upkeep or are in need of improvements or repairs , Team Euro Design and Construction can help. We have the experience and expertise necessary to handle all types of inspections for your home or business in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Recently, Re-Construction inspected a roof at a property next to the Legion of Honor on Clement Street in San Francisco. After an inspection, carefully conducted by a member of our team, it was determined that the roof of this TIC (tenants in common) property was leaking in several locations. We determined that the roof would need to repaired as soon as possible to

protect the property from further damage.


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