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Willem Dersjant



Willem brings expertise in European design and craftsmanship to all of his projects. He arrived in California from Holland at the age of ten and attended school in San Rafael. Descended from a long line of boat builders and craftsmen, Willem began remodeling houses at the age of 16. 


His construction career began as a contractor in 1987 by partnering with a cabinetmaker in Mill Valley. Together they worked on homes and businesses ranging from the Tamalpais General Store to Marty Balin of Jefferson Starship’s home. Willem returned to Europe fifteen years later to further his career in European construction principles and practices. He was involved in major remodels of historical buildings in Hamburg, Germany as well as a complete renovation of the Hamburg's largest sports facility, Kaifu Lodge, as well as Lufthansa Sportverein Hamburg.


Re-Construction officially began in Sausalito in 2006 as one stop shop. Willem has built a creative, competent team of designers, architects, construction crews and craftsmen to help you through the renovation process. Willem is personally involved with all projects the company undertakes. He looks forward to speaking with you about your building and remodeling needs.





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